Balluff BGL Series Fork Sensors
BGL Series
Photoelectric Special Sensors
With an emitter and receiver self-contained in one housing, Balluff BGL fork sensors feature outstanding accuracy and operating reliability, and are able to distinguish small parts and fine detail. Balluff fork sensors are ideally used for precisely positioning and reliably detecting fast-moving processes and small parts, and achieve the best results in these kinds of tasks. This makes them well-suited for a vast range of applications in robotics and automation.
  • Integrated Unit
  • Rugged Metal Housing
  • Glass Optical Surface
  • High Resolution
  • Available in Red Light, Laser Light, IR, or Pin Point
  • Identical Housing Dimensions for All Light Types
  • 10 x 10 mm Fork Arm, Even for Large Fork Openings
  • Stackable
  • Laser Class 1
  • Parts Sensing on Conveyor and Feed Belts
  • Label Sensing on Transparent Backing Material
  • Part Dimension Checking
  • Counting Parts in Assembly Lines
  • Tool Break Monitoring
  • Position Checking
  • Feed Control on Automatic Assembly Equipment
  • Checking for Completeness
  • Level Monitoring of Containers
  • Handling and Assembly
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