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Know when to upgrade a facility's control system

Upgrading control systems is costly and expensive and should only be done when necessary. Signs such as increased energy savings, current renovations, and the system reaching the end of its life are clear signs a chance is needed.

Sensors 101: Control system inputs

Thinking of sensors as a physical input to a control system can help an engineer realize there are a lot more possibilities than they realize in a field that is narrowly focused in its thinking.

Four IIoT connectivity challenges for businesses

Companies looking to implement an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy need to address several potential issues as they seek to bridge the gap between operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT).

How to select a motor for an industrial application

Cover Story: Understanding the main types of loads, motors, and applications can help simplify motor and accessory selection.

Four aspects of good control panel design

Good control panel design should feature strong layout and component placement, labeling, panel sizing and component spacing, and wireway design.

Wire and Cable Articles

Does the type of cable really matter in my VFD system?

Saving Space: The Next Big Thing in Industrial Cable

Specifying High-Performance Cables

Understanding Shielded Cable

Sensor and Lighting Articles

IIoT Capabilities of the Smart Factory

3 Technologies for Clear Object Detection and How to Choose

Top 5 Advantages of IO-Link® for Your Business

Q & A: Understanding IP and NEMA Ratings

Lighting for Lean Manufacturing

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