Vishay 196 Series Hybrid Energy Storage Capacitors
196 Series
Delivering the Best Energy and Volume Rating in the Industry
The 196 Series offers designers exceptional flexibility and enhanced charge and discharge performance for energy harvesting and power line back-up applications. Delivering the best energy and volume rating in the industry, these devices are especially suited for applications such as embedded computers, servers, data storage systems, professional remote controls, emergency lighting, and network equipment.
  • Polarized Energy Storage Capacitor with High Capacity and Energy Density
  • No Cell Balancing Necessary
  • Useful Life: Up to 2,000 Hours at 85°C
  • Maintenance-Free, No Service Necessary
  • Voltage Flexibility: 1.4 V (Single Cell) to 2.8 V / 4.2 V / 5.6 V / 7.0 V / 8.4 V (Multiple Cells)
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  • Power Back-Up for Memory Controller, Flash Backkup, RAID Systems, SRAM, DRAM
  • Power Failure and Write Cache Protection for Enterprise SSD and HDD
  • Real-Time Clock Power Source
  • Burst Power Support for Flashlights, Wireless Transmitters
  • Backup Power for Industrial PCs and Industrial Controls
  • Storage Device for Energy Harvestng
  • Emergency Light and Micro UPS Power Source