Essentra Components SPN Series Cable Clamps
SPN Series
Ideal for Long-Life Applications
The SPN series Cable Clamps are made of cold-rolled steel. They have a maximum bundle diameter of 0.500 in and a width of 0.650 in. They also have a rubber cushion which provides some protection for the hose, vibration absorption, and electrical insulation. It is mounted in a 0.266 in diameter hole with a screw which results in secure fastening. The SPN series Cable Clamps are ideal for clamping applications for pipes, hoses, cables, and wires.
  • Made of Cold-Rolled Steel
  • Secure Fastening
  • Ideal for Long-Life Applications
  • Rubber Cushion Provides Protection for the Hose, Vibration Absorption, and Electrical Insulation
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