Omron MX-Z2000H Series Laser Markers
MX-Z2000H Laser Marker
The Perfect Solution for Medium-Speed Vision Applications
The demands for high-quality and permanent identification systems are more stringent than ever before. Manufacturers today not only need to identify their products, but also trace them in case of a recall or when proof is required that products were delivered meet customers’ specifications. The MX-Z2000H Series of laser markers meets such industry demands and provides high-quality, permanent identification with scaling capabilities to add functionality to the process, like product traceability or position compensation, for example. The MX-Z2000H offers great flexibility in terms of marking, connectivity, and ability to integrate easily to other systems or controls.
  • Communications and Control via EtherNet I/P, RS-232
  • Target Materials to Laser Mark: Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Gold, Silver, ABS, PBT, POM, PC, PP, PVC, and Other Materials
  • Color Marking on Stainless Steel
  • High Resolution of 2 µm Gives the Ability to Mark Characters as Small as 0.1 mm (100 µm)
  • Laser Mark 1D and 2D Codes (Code 39, NW-7, ITF, Code 128, JAN, GS1, QR Codes, Micro QR, Data Matrix - ECC200, and GS1 Data Matrix)
  • Imports and Laser Marks Drawings (DXF) or JPG, BMP, or PNG Images
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