SAB VFD Cables and EMC Grounding Glands
Connect Motors and Drives and Remove Interference
SAB North America offers a full line of VFD cables and EMC grounding glands for proper cable connections between VFD motors and drives. Other cable designs are available to fit your exact applications for optimal cable performance. Include some EMC grounding glands to remove EMI and RFI and avoid interferences with other cables and components.
  • VFD Lean TR Has a Smaller OD for Tight Spaces
  • VFD XLPE TR Has XLPE Insulation for Longer Installations
  • Oil Resistant and Flexible
  • UL1000V Rated and UL TC-ER 600 V, FT4
  • EMC Grounding Glands in Metric, PG, and NPT Threads
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