Aavid Thermalloy Thermal Greases and Epoxies
Improve the Thermal Performance of Your Cooling Solution
Aavid Thermalloy's thermal adhesives and epoxies offer high heat transfer and voltage isolation with low shrinkage and coefficients of thermal expansion comparable to copper or aluminum. These compounds bond readily with a wide variety of materials and often eliminate the need for mounting hardware or attachments.

Aavid Thermalbond provides optimized adhesion to copper, aluminum, steel, glass, ceramics, and most plastics. Aavid’s Ther-O-Bond 1500 offers versatile epoxy casting for high thermal performance and adhesion while the Ther-O-Bond 1600 is a more durable high-impact bonding agent designed for smaller applications.

Aavid thermal greases eliminate air and thermal resistance between the heat source and heat sink without the mechanical bond of adhesives, making them easier to rework if needed. Aavid Thermalcote is extremely stable with high thermal performance and is available in clean and easy application forms and in different volumes.

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