Schneider Electric Altivar Machine ATV320 Variable Speed Drives
Improve Machine Effectiveness in a Wide Variety of Applications
Schneider Electric's Altivar Machine ATV320 was designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of mahines, while optimizing design and engineering costs for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It meets simple and advanced application requirements for three-phase synchronous and asynchronous motors from 0.18 to 15 kW (0.25 to 20 Hp).
  • Two Form Factors: Book and Compact
  • Advanced Connectivity: Serial, Ethernet, Ethernet IP, CANopen
  • Reliably Accurate Control of Both Synchronous and Asynchronous Motors
  • Robust Design and IP20 Protection
  • Integrated Safety Function for Compliance with Functional Safety Standards
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  • Packaging
  • Material Handling
  • Material Working
  • Textile Equipment
  • Mechanical Actuators
  • Hoisting
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