Mallory Sonalert Stack Lights
Brilliant, State-of-the-Art LED Colors
Mallory Sonalert now offers stack lights, available with or without sound. The version with sound features four different tones, including two new sounds that have never been offered before. Voltage ratings of 24 VAC/VDC or 120 VAC are available, and up to five colors may be chosen. Mallory Sonalert's stack lights come in a unique triangular body shape with opaque lenses for better visibility with no harsh bright spots, and are available in direct mount or pole mount styles.
  • First to Offer a More Desirable Frequency of 2,000 Hz
  • Versions with Sound Equipped with 4 Different Tones:
    • Continuous
    • Medium Pulse
    • Slow Double Pulse (New)
    • 5-Second Continuous Tone Followed by 1-Second Pulse Tones (New)
  • Brilliant, State-of-the-Art LED Colors
  • Ultra-Low Current Draw (40 mA Max.) - 24 VAC/VDC or 120 VAC
  • Unique Triangular Body Shape
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