Banner Engineering QS18E Series Clear Object Detection Sensors
One Sensor for Transparent to Opaque Objects
Banner's new high performance QS18 Expert sensor is one sensor that will solve object sensing challenges for transparent to opaque objects. The polarized coaxial optics ensure reliable detection from the sensor face to a distance of 3 m. The Expert advantage offers single pushbutton or remote teach setup and a bright, visible red spot for alignment. Fast, 400-microsecond response time is ideal for bottling or packaging applications.
  • Fast Response - 400 Microseconds
  • Polarized Coaxial Optics Ensure Reliable Detection
  • Single Push Expert Teach Functions for Fast Setup
  • Universal Housing Style and All the Advantages of Banner's QS18 Line
  • A Cost-Effective Sensor That Detects Transparent to Opaque Objects - One Sensor Solves Many Challenges and Reduces Inventory
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