Banner Engineering WLS27 Washdown Strip Light
Rugged, Brilliant Illumination for Harsh Environments
Banner's WLS27 LED strip light has a sturdy internal aluminum structure that is fully encased in a shatterproof copolyester shell. A redundant sealing method prevents water ingress to achieve IP66, IP67, and IP69K ratings. The WLS27 is available in multiple color illumination options, including single, dual, and dimmable configurations. It's great for machine lighting, laminar flow vent hoods, task lighting, and applications in wet areas.
  • Rugged, Water-Resistant IP66, IP67, and IP69K Design
  • Cascade Power to Multiple Lights
  • Round Shape for Easy Cleaning
  • Two Light Levels Controlled by Wiring Pinout or with PWM Controller for Variable Levels
  • Single- and Dual-Colored Models Available
PDF Datasheet - WLS27 One-Color Copolyester >>
PDF Datasheet - WLS27 Dimmable One-Color >>
PDF Datasheet - WLS27 Two-Color Copolyester >>