Artisan Controls Capacitive Touch Switch (CTS) Series
CTS Switch

With Overlay

Activation with a Touch of Your Finger
The Artisan CTS is a unique solution for replacing traditional electro-mechanical switches in harsh industrial, commercial, or residential environments. It allows the operator to engage functions by sensing the operator's touch, even if separated by up to 10 mm of glass, plastic, or other overlays. The operator can even be wearing thick safety gloves.

With no accessible moving parts, the reliability of the CTS is greatly extended. If you mount it behind glass or plastic, it becomes impervious to operator abuse, chemically hostile environments, hot liquid splashes, and harsh cleaning chemicals.

The CTS utilizes up to three capacitive sensing buttons with LED indication and incorporates up to four high power output relays to provide reliable switching operations. It can be used as a main power (ON-OFF) switch, replacing what a traditional single pole, normally open pushbutton might do for you. It can also fill the need for a double pole toggle switch for more complex operations.

  • Replaces Traditional Pushbutton, Toggle, Main Power, and Up/Down Switches
  • Fully Programmable by the Factory to Fit Most Needs, Including "Delay-On" or "Delay-Off" Timing Functions
  • Control Input Can Be Used for More Sophisticated Switch or Timing Functions
  • Long Life Due to No Moving Parts and Protection Against Harsh Environments and Operator Abuse
  • Durable, Long Lasting, and Made in the USA