Amphenol Tuchel eco|mate™ Circular Connectors
Ideal for Industrial Technology Applications
In design and conception the eco|mate program meets the high requirements for applications in industrial technology. Easy operation, reduced dimensions, and a more robust design are only a few of the features of the series. The connector's main area of application is in the fields of plant construction and machine building. It can be used for measuring and controlling applications as well as for supplying power. The series is comprised of a large selection of housings and shapes and offers models with screw, solder, and crimp termination. Circular connectors with 3+PE and 6+PE contacts are available. Housing components are made from premium molding material, and cable housings are offered in straight or angled versions. When mated, eco|mate connectors achieve a protection class of IP65/67 in accordance with DIN EN 60526.
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • Screwed Cable Gland with Clamping Ring or Internal Strain Relief
  • Robust Thread for the Screwed Cable Gland
  • Strain Relief and Mounted Gasket All in One Component
  • Cable Housings Available in Straight or Angled Styles, for Cables 6 to 12.5 mm in Diameter
  • Ergonomically Designed Product Range for Safe Handling
  • Pre-Loaded Ground Contact
  • Fastening for the Protective Caps on the Housing of the Receptacles
  • Compatible with the C16-1 Series
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