SMC CQ2 Series
CQ2 Series
Compact, Double Acting, Single Rod Pneumatic Cylinders
SMC's C(D)Q2 Series is offered in a wide variety of styles, with multiple options for mounting, port size and thread, bore, stroke, actuation, piping, auto-switch mounting, auto-switch qantity, rod type, cushion, speed, and temperature, among others. Clean room and copper free versions and replacement seal kits are also available. The C(D)Q2 Series is designed for air with a maximum operating pressure of 1.0 MPa and minimum operating pressure of 0.05 MPa. Piston speed ranges from 50 to 500 mm/s. The cylinder tube and piston are both constructed from aluminum alloy, and the piston rod is stainless steel or hard chrome plated carbon steel. Standard seals are NBR.
  • Industry's Most Comprehensive Line of Compact Cylinders
  • Compact, Lightweight, Space Saving Design
  • Simple Construction Minimizes Repair Time
  • Multiple Auto-Switch Mounting Options
  • Ports Machined Directly into Tube Extrusion