Red Lion CUB5 Series
Compact, Flexible, and Versatile Panel Meters
The CUB5 Series is a range of miniature analog and digital meters that offer communication and control capability. Whether the input is DC current, DC voltage, process signals, RTD, or thermocouples, there is a CUB5 model to handle it. The communication and control capability are accomplished with plug-in option cards which allow the meters to be upgraded now or in the future. Two choices for communication are available, RS232 or RS485. Control capability is accomplished with two 5 Amp relays. Stop throwing meters away when changes occur - get long-term versatility with the CUB5 Series.
  • Reflective or Selectable Red/Green Backlight
  • LCD Display with 0.48" (12.2 mm) High Digits
  • Programmable Decimal Point
  • Front Panel and Remote Reset
  • Communication Capability
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