MG Chemicals Cleaning Wipes and Swabs
cleaning wipes and swabs
High Quality Dry and Pre-Saturated Varieties

Wipes: MG Chemicals' dry and pre-saturated wipes are perfect for a multitude of cleaning tasks ranging from removing dust, lints, oils, and other contaminants from office equipment and accessories to more specialized applications such as LCD screen, optical lens, and credit and debit card reader cleaning. Offered in bags, tubs, or individually wrapped packaging, they are available in several fabrics and sheet sizes.

Swabs: MG Chemicals' line of swabs are offered in chamois, cotton, and urethane foam. Whether you need a round, tapered, or rectangular tip shape, you will find the right configuration for your general and precision cleaning applications.

  • Dry and Pre-Saturated Wipes: Strong, Resistant Fabric, Zero Lint, Non-Abrasive, and Plastic Safe
  • Swabs: Soft and Non-Abrasive, Wood or Polypropylene Shafts, Single or Double Headed, Available in Several Shapes with Cotton, Foam, Foam Over Cotton, or Chamois Tips
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