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Well-suited for low production runs, prototype work, and repairs, CERTI-CRIMP hand tools work in almost any application requiring consistent, highly reliable terminations. They are designed to meet and anticipate customers’ ever-changing requirements and are built to the highest quality standards, for the longest and most productive performance lifetimes. With seven basic styles of CERTI-CRIMP hand tools, customers can find the right tool for their application.

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Characteristics of CERTI-CRIMP Hand Tools
  • Custom Crimp Designs for Optimal Performance
    CERTI-CRIMP designs incorporate percent-of-compression that optimizes electrical and mechanical performance.
  • Insulation Crimp Height Adjustment
    Quickly adjust wire insulation grip to the proper specifications.
  • Tooling ID for Easy Reference
    Crimp and tooling markings clearly visible for quick reference.
  • Ratchet System to Confirm That Dies Bottom Out for Proper Crimping
    Ensuring dies bottom out, the ratchet system aids the operator in making reliable crimps.
  • Ergonomic Handles For Improved Crimps
    Handle force is a key factor for a successful crimp. CERTI-CRIMP II tools are verified to specific handle pressures.
Straight Action Hand Tool (SAHT)
4 position insulation crimp adjustment with dies closing in straight line
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Double Action Hand Tool (DAHT)
Insulation crimp adjustment with dies closing in arc-like path
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T-HEAD Hand Tool (T-HEAD)
Quick take-up on handle for holding terminal or splice in place
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Heavy Head Hand Tool (HHHT)
Terminates most large coaxial cable and heavy-gauge wire
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Color-coded crimping cavities, with ratchet control release
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Platform Die Hand Tool (UFHT)
Same frame configuration as TETRA-CRIMP hand tool with adjustable terminal locator
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C Head Straight Action Hand Tool (SAHT)
Interchangeable dies close in a straight line
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