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AGASTAT Time-Delay Relays
Time-delay relays are simply control relays with a time delay built in, designed to control an event based on time. AGASTAT time-delay relays are used in industrial applications and OEM equipment, when time-delayed switching to start a motor, control a load, or affect a process is needed. They can be found in small panels or sub-panels, but overall, the applications are quite expansive. AGASTAT Relays are available in two basic operating types: On-Delay and Off-Delay.

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  • Power substations
  • Aerospace
  • Escalators and elevators
  • Conveyors
  • Available in on-delay, true off-delay, and on/off-delay
  • Timing from 0.1 seconds to 60 minutes, in linear increments
  • Easy-to-reach screw terminals
  • Integrated relay type
  • Hand dial timing adjustment method
7000 Series
Industrial Electro Pneumatic Timing Relay
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SCE Series
Specification Grade Discrete Plug-in True Off-Delay Time-Delay Relay
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SSC Series
Specification Grade Discrete Plug-in
Time-Delay Relay
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SSF Series
Programmable Time-Delay Relay
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VTM-1 Series
Specification Grade, On-Delay Timing Module
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VTM1 Series
On-Delay Timing Module
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VTMA1 Series
On-Delay Timing Module with Internal Potentiometer
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VTM2 Series
Off-Delay Timing Module
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