TE Connectivity offers an extensive range of high-quality products that are manufactured with the requirements of automation and industrial applications in mind. Explore Allied's best-selling TE Connectivity products, and get the same quality solutions that so many professionals trust.

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Circular Plastic Connectors
CPCs are versatile, rugged, and produced using a cost effective design and can be used anywhere a signal and/or power need to enter/exit a system. They come in a versatile range of power and signal options. TE's Circular Plastic Connectors come in six different series that allow you to choose the product best suited to your design requirements.

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  • Industrial machinery, factory automation, material handling equipment
  • Aerospace and defense equipment and systems
  • Rail and Transit vehicles and systems
  • Meet harsh environment and space-saving requirements
  • Speed up go-to-market and reduce installation time
  • Design with cost-effective, high performance materials and configuration
Series 1
Standard Density: Signals Up to 13 A
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Series 2
High Density: Signals Up to 7.5 A
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Series 3
Power Density: Power Up to 25 A
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Series 4
Power and Signal Combination: Power Up to 25 A, Signals Up to 13 A
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Series 5
Power (Sealable): Power Up to 45 A
(Available in F1 Rated)
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Series 6
Power and Signal Combination (Sealable): Power Up to 45 A, Signals Up to 13 A (Available in F1 Rated)
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