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Whether you’re a hobbyist or managing a production site, you rely on motors and their components in some capacity. Allied is a leading distributor of all the parts you need for your motor, motor control and mechanical transmission applications. From single-phase or three-phase industrial motors to servo or stepper motors, we have you covered. Whether you’re 3D printing, building a remote-controlled airplane or manufacturing an elevator, we stock products that are designed to suit a full suite of applications and are held to the highest industry standards.


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Allied Expert Advice: A Checklist for Sensible Motor Maintenance article
Allied Expert Advice: A Checklist for Sensible Motor Maintenance

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Test and Measurement Tools to Help Mitigate Electrical Safety Risks

Minding Your Mechanical Power Transmission Systems article
Minding Your Mechanical Power Transmission Systems

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Allied Comes Through in Denver customer story

One of the strengths of the Allied sales force is its local market representation with a global product portfolio backing them up.

Refresco Customer Story

When Tulsa Customer Account Lead Tammy Neal made an initial call to Refresco US, Inc., the North American independent bottling facility of a European...

General Wireless customer story

The Fort Worth Sales Branch saw an opportunity to introduce the RS Pro by Allied value proposition to General Wireless Operations...

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