Heavy-Duty Power for Industrial Automation

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Power Supplies

If a system uses electrical power, it will most likely experience voltage sags. These momentary losses of line voltage are one of the most frequent power-quality disturbances found in industrial facilities. The result can be lost data, inexplicable resets, or a production shutdown. SolaHD products enable production facilities to safeguard almost any equipment application with a complete line of power-supply technologies.

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SolaHD delivers single- and three-phase, indoor/outdoor, standard or custom transformers to fit your requirements. It can be challenging to find a transformer that safely, efficiently, and reliably delivers the proper voltage. SolaHD offers a broad range of transformers for applications across manufacturing facilities, covering general purpose, low-temperature rise, K-factor, copper-wound, hazardous location, buck-boost, drive isolation, and industrial control.

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