Schurter MSM LA Series Metal Pushbutton Switches
Now with 16 A Switching Current at 250 VAC
Schurter's latching-action robust metal pushbutton switch, MSM LA is rated 30 VDC and 250 VAC with a maximum switching current of 16 Amps. It features two isolated contacts for 1- or 2-pole switching functions. The switch provides mechanical indication in the ON and OFF positions. The actuator is raised above the switch housing in the resting OFF state and is recessed into the housing when depressed to switch ON. The distinct difference in position makes the mode of operation immediately evident. It also prevents inadvertent switching, in the event that persons or objects lean on the switch. The switch also offers ring illumination in red, green, or blue, which is ideal for use in applications located in dimly lit areas or for night-time use, such as ticketing machines in parking garages or security-access controls on buildings.
  • Switch Available in Four Versions: Standard (ST), with Lettering (LE), with Point Illumination (PI), with Ring Illumination (RI)
  • Available with 12 A and 16 A Switching Current
  • Assembly by Mounting with Nut and Subsequent Clipping of the Switching Element
  • Equipped with Flat-Pin Plugs to Permit Fast Connection
PDF MSM LA Series 19 mm Datasheet >>
PDF MSM LA Series 22 mm Datasheet >>
  • Industrial Machinery and Controls
  • Medical Equipment
  • Vending Machines
  • Public Transport
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Marine, Automotive, and Aircraft Controls
  • Home Theater and Audio Equipment