Schneider Electric offers the control and protection your system needs against failure and danger caused by voltage faults,
current conditions, or excessive load requirements.

Disconnect Switches >> Molded Case Circuit Breakers >> Miniature Circuit Breakers >> Motor Starters >>
Maximize space with an enclosed disconnect switch or select one for heavy commercial and industrial applications. Modular design allows for standardized equipment designs for applications from 15 A to 600 A. Protection against electrical threats, including short circuits, overloads, and ground faults, with multiple mounting options available. Motor overload protection, from compact and efficient, to extended durability, with soft starter and manual starter options.
Contactors >> Overloads >> Drives >>
Select from robust NEMA-rated contactors, space-saving IEC-rated contactors, or efficient definite purpose contactors. Standard overload relays and manual motor protectors, ranging from simple to advanced, for motor overload protection. User-friendly, variable-speed drives with motor control algorithms for optimal motor performance and complete scalability to match your application needs.