Newhaven Display provides the highest quality in display technologies and design services. Specialties include OLED, LCD, VFD and HDMI interface compatible TFT displays. Newhaven Display products are ideal for automotive, appliance, POS, audio/video, industrial, consumer, medical, and many more applications. HDMI interface compatibility has made its way to Newhaven Display's TFT product line. Twelve new TFT modules in 5" and 7" sizes are now available and come ready to connect with any board or computer capable of HDMI output with a standard HDMI connector cable, and is USB-HID interface ready with a standard micro USB cable. Fit your application with one of these 800x480 pixel resolution TFTs in Newhaven's Standard, Premium, or Sunlight Readable variant including a resistive, capacitive, or no touch panel.


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