SL Power New TF Series 800-3000 W AC-DC Power Supplies

Eliminates Re-Qualifying a Power Supply for New Projects

New TF Series high-power AC-DC power supplies can be digitally programmed for output voltages from near-zero to 60 V and up to 66 A output current. Available in power outputs of 800, 1500 or 3000 W, the TF Series is designed for automatic test, semiconductor test and handling, industrial imaging, laser cutting, and more. This level of flexibility allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to use the same power supply across a range of their applications, eliminating the need to re-qualify a power supply every time a new project is started.

  • 800-3000 W Fan-Cooled (Load & Temperature Controlled)
  • Programmable Output Voltage (0% ~ 105%)
  • Programmable Output Current (0% ~ 105%)
  • Forced Current Sharing at Parallel Operation
  • Selectable +5 V/0.5 A or +9 V/0.3 A Auxiliary Output

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