SCHURTER Engineering Touchkit for PCAP Touchscreen Development
Schurter Engineering Touchkit for PCAP Touchscreen Development
A Complete Kit for Gaining Experience with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Technology
The SCHURTER Engineering Touchkit offers designers and development engineers the opportunity to gain experience with projected capacitive touchscreen technology. It includes a plug-and-play 10.1" touchscreen sensor with a SCHURTER controller board. For the more experienced engineers, a USB stick is included with more-detailed analytical software. The Touchkit enables an engineer to set up and execute tests with and without the active stylus and experience the extensive set of functions.
  • Multi-Touch Functionality
  • Glove Operation
  • Hand Palm Rejection
  • Simultaneous Detection of Up to 10 Fingers
  • Choice of 2 Sensitivity Modes
  • No External Power Supply Necessary
  • EMC Up to 10 Vrms Conducted Immunity and 10 V/m Radiated Immunity
  • Water Resistant
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