SAB S 960 and S 960 CY Series Flexible Control Cables
S 960 and S 960 CY Series
Ideal for Continuous Flex Applications
S 960 and S 960 CY are 90°C, 600 V, multi-conductor control cables designed for continuous flex applications. They feature small bending radiuses and a specially adjusted layering with non-woven tape over each layer. S 960 CY cables have an overall tinned copper shield, which is recommended whenever electrical interference distorts signal transmission, or when EMI emissions need to be suppressed.
  • Extremely Oil-Resistant
  • Small Bending Radius
  • UV-Resistant Jackets
  • Flame-Retardant and Self-Extinguishing
  • Yellow-Green Earth Wire from 3 Conductors
  • Approvals: RoHS, CE, UL, CSA
PDF S 960 Series Datasheet

PDF S 960 CY Series Datasheet

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  • Gantry Robots
  • Cable Tracks
  • Pick-and-Place Units
  • Automated Handling Equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Conveyor Systems