Weco 300 Series Euro Style Terminal Strips
Euro Style Terminal Strips
Secure Wire Retention with Low Electrical Resistance
Weco panel- and chassis-mounted Euro style terminal strips are ideal for connecting electrical control panels to external power sources, signal sources, other electrical panels, and electrical loads of many types and sizes. The electrical panel's or electrical enclosure's internal components and circuitry are connected to their appropriate external electrical circuitry through these terminal blocks. Screw-tightened connections result in high contact forces, thus promoting safe and secure wire retention, low electrical resistance, and safe, reusable connections.
  • Finger-Safe Euro Style Design
  • The 300 Series Provides Long Lasting, Vibration Resistant Terminations for Current Loads Up to 85 A
  • Relatively Flexible Polyamide Molding Can Be Mounted on Uneven Surfaces
  • Strips Are Available with Stainless Steel Spring Type Wire Protectors (HDS Designation) to Prevent Wiring Damage by the Clamping Screws
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