Hubbell HBLDS Series Disconnect Switches
HBLDS Series
Easy Installation and Reliable Connection
Hubbell manufactures one of the most complete lines of motor disconnects on the market. Designed to ensure maximum reliability and performance, Hubbell Circuit-Lock® motor controllers meet all industry requirements. Because Circuit-Lock motor controllers are also disconnects, they ensure safety, compliance, flexibility, and productivity for today's industrial and commercial environments. Whether controlling motor loads, safely terminating power, or isolating equipment, Hubbell has the solution for you, no matter what the environment or application.

Now available, sloped-top disconnect enclosures from Hubbell are engineered to shed water and debris. They will withstand the harshest environments and frequent wash-downs, as well as outperform wherever sanitary conditions are critical. These non-porous, 304 stainless steel enclosures are rated to UL Type 4X/12 and IP69K, and are designed to be easily cleaned and to stay clean.

  • Available in 30 A, 60 A, or 100 A
  • Accommodate Up to 2 Auxiliary Contacts
  • Fixed Offset ¼" Mounting Feet Meet NEC® Airspace Requirements for Metal Enclosures
  • HBLDS Style Features Equal or Greater Wiring Space to the Standard Hubbell Disconnects
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