IMI Norgren A Series NFPA Aluminum Cylinders
A Series
Constructed with the Finest Materials
IMI Norgren A Series NFPA cylinders are constructed with the finest materials. The piston rods are made of hard-chrome-plated, high-tensile steel, and are ground and polished. The piston is machined aluminum alloy for low inertia, and it is installed with high-strength thread-locker adhesive and then staked the piston rod. The lip-type wiper seal is made of urethane and aggressively wipes foreign materials from the piston rod, enhancing the life of the cylinder. The piston seals are made of long-wearing nitrile, and the wear rings are made of reinforced Teflon compounded with polyphenylene sulfide to allow supreme wear and excellent bearing support. The cylinder tubes are made from a clear-anodized, high-strength aluminum alloy and are hard-anodic-coated on the inside to provide a smooth, corrosion- and scorch-resistant finish. The ultra-cushion seals are made from an advanced design which features a nitrile seal within a precision-machined groove, and eliminate misalignment and provide exceptionally fast stroke reversal. An adjustable captive cushion needle provides safe and precise cushion adjustment. High-strength steel tie rods maintain uniform compression on tube end seals.
  • Industry-Interchangeable NFPA Design
  • Impact-Dampening Seals
  • Adjustable Captive Cushion Needle
  • Constructed of the Finest Materials
  • No Added Lubrication Needed - All Components Are Pre-Lubed with a Teflon-Based Grease
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