Schneider Electric TeSys™ D Green Contactors
TeSys D Green Contactors
Offering Large-Range AC/DC Coils with Very Low Coil Consumption
An extension to the TeSys D family, TeSys D Green contactors apply the latest technology to expand the coil voltage range while significantly reducing coil consumption. Available from 9 to 65 Amps with only four coil voltage ranges from 24 to 500 VAC or VDC.
  • Low Control Amps for Lower Permanent Consumption
  • Low Control Current for Direct PLC Control
  • Large Coil Voltage Range for Reliable Operation and Reduced Inventory and Spares
  • Coil Monitoring/Control for Reduced Contact Bounce
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  • Pumping and Irrigation
  • HVAC
  • Agriculture
  • Commercial Machinery
  • Contractors/Servicing
  • Semiconductor