Alpha Wire EcoFlex PUR Flexible M8 Cordsets
EcoFlex PUR M8 Cordsets
A Plug-and-Play Solution for Reliable, High-Performance Industrial Connectivity
Rugged overmolded cordsets provide a convenient plug-and-play solution that allows for shorter installation times and easier field installation, while reducing chances of human error.

Bringing you the quality and performance that you expect from Alpha Wire, the trusted EcoFlex PUR jacket is featured in Alpha M8 cordsets and M12-to-M8 cordsets (DR03GR100, DR03GW100, DR04GR101, and DR04GW101). Compact size enables cleaner cable management.

Custom configurations are also available in premium jackets such as PLTC-rated TPE or -40°C PVC.

  • IP67, IP68/NEMA 6P Protection
  • Flexible, Abrasion-Resistant, 60C Oil-Resistant, UV Sunlight-Resistant, and Zero-Halogen
  • Available in 3- and 4-Pole Versions, with or without Connectors on End 2
  • Connector Styles: Female Straight, Female 90°, or Male Straight
  • Up to 5 Million Flex Cycles
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