Camloc Gas Springs
A Comprehensive Range of Industrial Gas Spring Solutions

Camloc offers a full range of gas struts, springs, and damper solutions. Innovatively designed gas springs are available in many sizes, along with a wide selection of end fittings, so you can assemble a solution that best fits your application. Camloc gas springs are safe and easy to use, and harsh environment versions are available.

Gas springs are usually referred to by their size; common sizes are 6-15, 8-18, 10-23, and 14-28. This relates to the rod diameter and the tube diameter – for example, 8-18 has a rod diameter of 8 mm and a tube diameter of 18 mm.

Swift & Sure Stop & Stay Econoloc
Swift & Sure Gas Springs >> Stop & Stay Gas Springs >> Econoloc Gas Springs >>
  • Standard Lift Gas Spring
  • Extensive Range of Sizes and End Fittings
  • Self-Contained and Maintenance-Free
  • Easy Position Control
  • Multi-Position Gas Spring
  • Adjustable External Friction Control
  • Safe and Maintenance-Free
  • For Multi-Position Holding of Counter-Balanced Weights
  • Automatic Locking When Fully Extended
  • Eliminates the Need for Separate Safety Rods
  • Self-Contained and Maintenance-Free
  • Safe and Easy to Use
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Stainless Steel Cam-Stay Accessories
Stainless Steel Gas Springs >> Cam-Stay Multi-Positional Stays >> Gas Spring Accessories >>
  • 316L Stainless Steel Tube and Rod
  • High Corrosion Resistance for External Applications
  • 1,000 Hours Salt Spray Tested
  • Special Surface Finish for Additional Hardness
  • Telescopic Design with Up to 10 Adjustment Postions
  • Easy to Install and Operate
  • Supports Up to 135 kg (297 lbs)
  • Stops at Any Holding Position
  • End Fittings Available in a Range of Finishes and Materials, Including Nylon, Steel, and Zinc
  • Can Be the Same on Each End, or Different Sizes and Types to Suit Your Requirements
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