GE Industrial Solutions GuardEon Molded Case Circuit Breakers
GuardEon Breakers
Smart, Reliable, and Secure
GuardEon circuit breakers are designed to protect, isolate, and switch circuits in low-voltage distribution networks. A combination of trip units and the inherent current-limiting properties of their design allow for optimized circuit protection. Field-interchangeable and upgradeable trip units are available as either electromechanical or electronic devices with sealable transparent trip unit covers.

Versatile Design: Whether you mount GuardEon vertically or horizontally, the nameplate rotates to allow easy readability of the important rating information. Clear ON/TRIP/OFF indication can easily be seen from afar. Terminal covers are attached and hinged to prevent them from being misplaced.

Field-Interchangeable and Upgradeable Trip Units: Easily add protective trip functions or advanced features such as communications or Reduced Energy Let-Through (RELT).

Plug-and-Play Advanced Features: Advanced features in the PremEon G trip unit can be added with plug-and-play modules; communications, Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI), Reduced Energy Let-Through (RELT), and protective relays can all be added to a basic circuit breaker in the field. Simply connect a hardware accessory and the trip unit will automatically detect the features associated with it and enable the corresponding user interface.

A Full Array of Field-Installable Accessories:
  • Terminations: Flat, Extended, Twisted, 90°, and Rear Connections
  • Rotary Handles: Direct Mount, Panel Mount, NFPA 79 Conformity
  • Motor Operators: External for Toggle Mechanisms
  • A Full Set of Auxiliary Contacts and Releases
  • Residual Current Devices
  • Plug-In and Draw-Out Devices
  • Box Clamps and Lugs for Copper and Aluminum Conductors
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