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IDEC SE2L Safety Laser Scanner
The World's Smallest Safety Laser Scanner
IDEC's SE2L safety laser scanner is the smallest in the world but out-performs most of the competition. The SE2L features a 270° sensing angle, a 5 m safety protection zone, a 20 m warning zone, and customizable protection patterns. Up to four SE2L units can be connected together, which is ideal for detection on four sides of AGVs. The SE2L can cover long distances, which makes it ideal for use with a variety of industrial robots and machinery. With dual protection mode, SE2L can also be programmed to safeguard two different zones for two robots at once. This can reduce the number of laser scanners and light curtains by half.

  • Protection Zone (Safety): 5 m
  • Warning Zone (Non-Safety): 20 m
  • 270° Sensing Angle
  • Master and Slave Function
  • Maximum of 32 Patterns
  • Customizable Protection Patterns
  • EDM Functions
  • MicroSD Slot
  • PLd, Safety Category 3, SIL2
Stock No. Mfr.'s Part # Description Price(USD)
70961512 SE2L-H05LP Safety laser scanner $2,693.92
70973867 SE2L-H05LPC Safety laser scanner pigtail $2,693.92
70961514 SE9Z-HS2-XCD13 SE2L Ethernet connection cable $128.95
70961515 SE9Z-HS2-XCE010 SE2L 10m extension cable $148.94
70973868 SE9Z-HS2-C002 SE2L 2m connector cable $248.90
70961518 SE9Z-HS2-BK02 SE2L Rear mounting bracket $178.93
70961520 SE9Z-HS2-WD01 SE2L Optical window $128.95
70973884 SE9Z-HS2-BK04L SE2L Rear mounting bracket $48.98
70973881 SE9Z-HS2-C010 SE2L 10m connector cable $308.88
70961519 SE9Z-HS2-CM01 SE2L Cover bracket $98.96