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EOS Power LFMWLP120 Series Power Supplies
Medical Grade, Open Frame Power Supply
The LFMWLP Blue Series offers the size-conscious customer industry-leading Watts per cubic inch in height profiles ranging from 30 mm to 25 mm in industry-standard footprints. The Blue Series allows customers to shrink their applications without compromising on power, quality, or functionality. It also comes with an extended warranty option: customers can choose their MWLP product with an extended warranty period of seven years.
  • Height: 1" Above PCB
  • 3" x 2" Footprint
  • 120 Watts with Forced Air Cooling
  • Approval to the 4th Edition
  • Means of Protection: 2xMOPP
  • Available in Industry Grade
Stock No. Mfr.'s Part # Description Price(USD)
70963054 LFMWLP120-1301 Power Supply; AC-DC; Open Frame; 120W; 12V, 8.33A; 85-264V In; Medical $56.67
70963055 LFMWLP120-1302 Power Supply; AC-DC; Open Frame; 120W; 15V, 6.66A; 85-264V In; Medical $56.67
70963056 LFMWLP120-1303 Power Supply; AC-DC; Open Frame; 120W; 24V, 4.16A; 85-264V In; Medical $56.67