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Honeywell Limit Switches
Honeywell offers one of the world's most advanced line of limit switches. Sealed versions help keep out moisture and other contaminants. Explosion-proof types are designed for use in many hazardous locations. Honeywell brought you the original MICRO SWITCH™ branded products. They continue to bring you top quality, innovative products that support your system's critical switching needs.
PDF Limit Switches Line Guide
  • Meets IEC Standards
  • Specifically Designed for Worldwide Applications
  • Metal or Plastic Housing
  • Compact Versions Now Offered
Hazardous Location
  • Rugged Performance in Explosive Environments
  • Weather Proof, Water Tight, and Dust Tight While Outside
  • Designed for a Wide Range of Industrial Applications
  • Up to 305 m (1000 ft) Communication Range
  • Direct or Remote Mount Antenna Options
  • Combines Best of MICRO SWITCH Products with Latest Wireless Technology
  • Minimized Cost Over Wired Options
  • Easy Installation
  • Most Models SIL 3 Capable
  • Widest Range of Products
  • Ultimate Reliability
  • Multitude of Mounting and Actuator Options
  • Low and High Temp Construction
  • Factory Sealed and Pre-Wired Versions Available