SolaHD SBE Series Industrial Control Transformers
SBE Series
Rugged, Reliable, Encapsulated Construction
SolaHD SBE Series industrial control transformers are epoxy encapsulated to seal the transformer windings against moisture, dirt, and industrial contaminants. Extra deep, molded terminal barriers reduce the chance of electrical failure as the result of arcing or frayed lead wires. With rugged construction and proven reliability, the SBE design is uniquely suited for industrial environments.
  • 50 to 1,000 VA, 50/60 Hz: Suitable for Worldwide Applications
  • Epoxy Encapsulated to Protect Cores and Coils Against Moisture, Dirt, and Other Contaminants
  • Meets or Exceeds NEMA Standard ST-1 and ANSI C89.1 for Load Inrush Capability
  • Mounting Dimensions Are Compatible with Similar Control Transformers
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
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