Phoenix Contact QUINT DIN Rail Power Supplies
QUINT Series
Robust, Powerful, and Up to 960 W
The world's best power supply just got better. The new technology in Phoenix Contact's QUINT POWER power supply delivers precise, real-time monitoring, near field communication (NFC) configurability, and a long list of application-worthy benefits. Current QUINT customers have already come to rely on its ultra-high reliability, an industry standard. But, this new design also features unmatched application-specific configurability. With NFC, QUINT POWER can be easily configured while still in the box. User-definable settings allow monitoring of real-time current, power, or voltage using an analog output, and can easily be wired to your PLC or smart device.

  • Alarm Setting Lets You Know When Your Power Supply Begins to Derate Due to Ambient Temperature
  • Gas Discharge Tubes and MOVs are Present in all Units to Provide Coordinated Protection Against Transients
  • An Analog Output is Available to Send Real-Time Current, Voltage, or Power Being Used Back to Your PLC, HMI, or SCADA Controller
  • Pull Unit Out of Stock and Configure with an Android Phone or PC Software Through NFC While Still in the Box
  • Adjust Power Supply Voltage Using Up/Down Buttons and Lock it in with Password Protection for Security
  • Run-Time Clock Keeps Track of Hours of Operation and Expected Life Predictive Maintenance
  • The Ability to Configure the Output Characteristics of the Power Supply (Between SFB Mode, Smart-Hiccup, and Fuse Mode) to Match Power Supply Performance to the Application
  • Remote Shutdown of the DC Output Known as "Sleep Mode" Allows for Safe User Interaction with the Application

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