The power-packed essential bench by Keysight was designed to generate, test, and validate your next-generation products effectively. Now, you can increase productivity without compromising on signal integrity and measurement accuracy. Offering a complete range of general-purpose instruments, from a high-performance digital multimeter to the intuitive BenchVue software, you have access to cutting-edge technology for your evolving needs.

  1. Power Supplies
  2. Oscilloscopes
  3. Digital Multimeters (DMMs)
  4. Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators
  5. Data Acquisition/Switch Units
  6. Frequency Counters/Timers
  7. BenchVue Software
  8. Handheld Instruments
  Power Supplies

Enable faster, safer testing with built-in measurements, full DUT protection,
and output sequencing.

E3600 Series >>

E36100B Series >>

E36300 Series >>

N6705C Series >>

See more of your signals and solve your toughest challenges with innovative scope technology.

6000 X Series >>

1000 X Series >>

3000 X Series >>
  Digital Multimeters (DMMs)

Capture measurements quickly with graphic displays, on-screen analysis, and auto-calibration.

TrueVolt Series >>
  Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Validate the most challenging designs with Trueform arbitrary waveforms, modulation, and two-channel synchronization.

33600A Series >>

33500B Series >>
  Data Acquisition/Switch Units

Simplify ad-hoc testing with temperature and electrical-signal measurement flexibility, universal channels, and no external signal conditioning.

34970A/34972A Series >>
  Frequency Counters/Timers

Expand your measurement and analysis capabilities with histograms, trend/strip charts, statistics, data logging, and more.

53200A Series >>
  BenchVue Software

Capture, visualize, and share data from multiple instruments with no
need for programming.

View All BenchVue Software Products >>
  Handheld Instruments

Handle a wider range of challenges with thermal image temperature measurements and fully featured multimeters with frequency counters, square waves, and wireless connectivity.

Handheld DMMs >>

Capacitance &
LCR Meters >>

Clamp Meter Series >>

Thermal Imagers >>

Insulation Resistance Testers >>

Oscilloscopes >>