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Fluke 190 Series II Scopemeters AC/DC Switching Power Supply

Reliable, industrial grade supplies with a limited lifetime warranty, including the heavy-duty and the medically approved versions.

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Fluke Clamp Family

Single Output Low Profile Power Supply

Meets both industrial and medical standards with low acoustic noise and a wide operating temperature range.

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Fluke Ti27 and Ti29 400W Programmable Power Supply

400W programmable DC power supplies allow you to mount up to six units in a 2U 19'' enclosure.

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Tektronix TDS2000C Series 3-Phase DIN Rail Power Supply

DIN Rail-Mount power supplies with bi-phase operation.

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Tektronix Bench Instruments

720 to 1000W Conduction Cooled Power Supply

Designed to easily attach to metal enclosures or other heat-sinking surfaces, thus eliminating the need for fans or forced-air cooling.

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