Find the Exact Electronic Enclosure You Need

Choose from a Variety of Designs, Uses, and Materials

Electronic enclosures by Hammond are ruggedly built for harsh indoor and outdoor environments where equipment is exposed to water, dust, and oil. Depending on industry and application requirements, these enclosures are offered in painted or unpainted aluminum, ABS plastic, and polycarbonate. The broad range includes handheld, desktop, wall-mount, and rack-mount options.

1455 Series Extruded Aluminum Enclosures >>
  • Designed to House PCBs and for Equipment Interfacing
  • Sized for Standard Eurocards
  • PCBs Mount Horizontally by Sliding into Internal Slots
  • Rugged, Extruded Aluminum Body with Minimum Thickness of 1.5 mm
1456 Series 30-Degree Sloping Aluminum Enclosures >>
  • Sloped Console Made from Tough, Easy-to-Machine Aluminum
  • Available with Aluminum Sides, Some Sizes with Real Walnut Option
  • Excellent Enclosure for Use in Tabletop/Desktop Instrument Designs
  • Assembly Hardware Included
1555 Series ABS Plastic or Polycarbonate Enclosures >>
  • Designed for Harsh, Industrial Environments or Outdoor Applications
  • Ideal for Mounting PCBs, Panels, or DIN Rail Mounted Components
  • Designed for Wall Mounting: Interior is Secure with Lid Screws Behind the Lid
  • Standoffs Molded in the Interior of Lid and Enclosure
  • Gasketed Lid Designed to Protect Against Oil, Dust, and Water
1590 Series Natural & Painted Aluminum Diecast Enclosures >>
  • Tough but Easy to Machine
  • Lap Joint Construction for Protection Against Dust and Water
  • Provides for Improved EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Painted Version: Tough Polyester Power Paint for Lasting Finish
  • Designed to Meet IP54
RM Series Rack Mountable Aluminum Enclosures >>
  • Strong but Lightweight
  • Suitable for Desktop or Rack Mountable Applications
  • Available with Solid Top & Bottom Panels or Ventilated for Natural Air Convection
  • Choice of 3 Heights: 1.75" (1U), 3.50" (2U), or 5.25" (3U)
  • Choice of 3 Depths: 8.0" (203 mm), 13.0" (330 mm), or 18.0" (457 mm)