Allied Electronics is the proud sponsor of Gadget Freak, a special section of Design News that highlights reader-created projects.
Best of Gadget Freak: Volume 3
For eleven years now, members of the Design News community have been recognized for their inventions by Gadget Freak (sponsored by Allied) � through the use of its hip and creative design techniques. What you�ll find in this eBook is the best of the best of Gadget Freak, voted on by their loyal readers. We think you�ll be amazed by what your peers have been up to.

Inventions Include:
  • Drink Delivery Vehicle � Inverted Pendulum
  • Animated Weather LED Display
  • Dr. Seuss Themed Target Game
  • Peltier Thermopile Cloud Sensor
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    Are you a Gadget Freak?

    Allied Electronics and Design News would like to send you a check for $500 to spend at or anywhere you please! Submit your design for a gizmo or gadget that any Gadget Freak would appreciate, and you just might win!

    If your project is selected, you�ll receive a $500 check from Design News and will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine with your invention.

    Send your design via e-mail to Design News' executive editor Jennifer Campbell at The design must incorporate electronic components and involve sensing, motion, timing and/or networking elements. Include a description of how your gadget works and a parts list.