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ACi4400 Series fans are a fully compatible alternative to classic 119 x 119 x 38 mm AC fans, with a technology upgrade to reduce energy costs. The series was designed to replace conventional AC fans that use low efficiency shaded-pole motors with GreenTech EC compact fans.


  • Up to 75% Less Energy Used and 85% Longer Life
  • Available with Global Voltage Range of 100-240 VAC, Frequency Independent
  • Constant Speed Over the Total Voltage Range
  • Available with Protection Rating Up to IP65

Compact W1G200 Series axial fans are based on the energy-saving motor (ESM) and offer high efficiency, energy savings, and more than 40,000 hours (4.5 years) of service life. The fans incorporate a plastic rotor, which is aerodynamically efficient and quiet.


  • Uses 1/3 the Power of Standard AC Fan
  • Durable All-Plastic Construction
  • 2-Speed Selectable via 3rd Wire to Line or Neutral
  • Maintenance-Free Ball Bearings

The R3G190 Series features a RadiCal® impeller that has been optimized for low-loss flow of air through the blade channels. This innovative styling means no more drastic cross-sectional changes (a common source of losses in impellers), and results in increased aerodynamic efficiency and lower acoustic noise.


  • EC Motor Technology
  • Up to 50% Less Energy Used Compared to AC Solutions
  • Full Speed Control
  • Aerodynamic Noise-Reducing Shape