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Trade Compliance

As a global distributor with the goal of growing our business and expanding our company presence in the worldwide marketplace, Allied Electronics is committed to ensuring that we conduct our business in full compliance with all United States and foreign trade laws and regulations. A well-structured trade compliance system provides a solid foundation for Allied to grow the business internationally with full confidence that the company is acting in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Accordingly, Allied has a dedicated staff of specialists who continually oversee our processes in order to ensure that we, as a business, are in full compliance. These include:
  • Trade Compliance Specialists
    Trade Compliance Specialists, who review all export orders for product compliance data, license requirements, embargoes, sanctions, and denied party screening using the Amber Road Trade Automation (TA) system prior to release or cancellation; file AES reports with the U.S. Government; and monitor the activities of all Foreign Person employees and visitors to Allied.
  • Contract Compliance Specialists
    Contract Compliance Specialists, who review all sales orders, associated purchase orders, and accepted terms and conditions prior to release or cancellation of all orders placed by government or commercial customers with specific product requirements to ensure the customer's requirements are properly met.
  • Contract Administrator
    Contract Administrator, who reviews and negotiates company contracts with customers and vendors, maintains records, helps ensure that the contract execution is in accordance with legal requirements, customer specifications, government regulations, and company policy, and mitigates risks.