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Talent Development

At Allied, we develop training in-house and make it available for all disciplines and virtually every job-role in the company.

Our Talent Development department creates more than 95% of all training at Allied. We develop both required and voluntary training programs that help our employees learn new material or build on their existing skills, as well as programs ranging from General Courses open to all employees to Onboarding and Compliance programs.

We use the ADDIE process - Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate - along with current adult learning principles in creating content for all programs.
  • Instructional Designers
    Our Instructional Designers are proficient in leveraging the knowledge of subject matter experts to create training programs that take highly technical information and translate it into understandable material for employees who wish to improve their professional skills. Developing training material is a challenging process and can be extremely technical, especially when developing eLearning courses. Our Instructional Designers use various eLearning authoring tools to convert newly developed training material into convenient, user-friendly web-based programs.

    Our Manager of Talent Development relies on Instructional Designers to create all of the necessary training modules in support of more than 800 employees. Solid training and talent development make an important contribution to the continued success of Allied.