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Supply Chain

The Allied Supply Chain Planning Team personnel buy quality materials at the right time while maintaining competitive pricing through strategic buying behaviors. We are all about delivering a great customer experience to Allied’s internal and external customers.

Our Supply Chain teams, working together with the Product Management teams, manage over 250,000 materials supplied from over 300 vendors. Our basic core responsibilities include inventory forecasting and planning, purchase order and delivery management, materials lifecycle management, and material sourcing opportunities, both domestic and global.

Allied has built a highly functional Supply Chain team with the following primary areas of focus.
  • Supply Chain Managers
    Supply Chain Managers handle the daily operations of the Supply and Delivery Planner functions and are the direct line managers for the Supply and Delivery Planning teams. Key foci include: 1) to drive continuous improvement in the use of SAP MRP, and 2) to develop the teams’ planning behaviors. The Supply Chain Managers are responsible for sustaining market leading service levels, while maximizing turns and earns production, utilizing proven and effective inventory management methodologies and processes.
  • Demand Planners
    Demand Planners handle demand forecasting. They work in Service Optimizer 99 (SO99) to develop forecasts based upon prior and/or projected demand. These forecasts pass into SAP MRP, which result in a daily generation of purchase orders (POs) for stock replenishment and/or purchase to order requirements.
  • Supply Planners
    Supply Planners serve a critical analytical function. They review daily POs to identify opportunities to leverage improved cost in order to expand margin opportunity and/or improve price position. Additionally, the Supply Planners manage all special cost purchases and scheduled order requirements. They think strategically, looking for ways to maximize our inventory spend to enhance sales and margin.
  • Delivery Planners
    Delivery Planners are the main point of contact for Sales. The Delivery Planners’ primary functions are to work PO Acknowledgements and Planned Delivery Exceptions proactively to maintain current delivery information on all open purchase order lines.
  • Sourcing Specialists and Lifecycle Planning
    Sourcing Specialists and Lifecycle Planning are traditional, yet specialized, roles within Supply Chain. The dual focus of the Sourcing Specialist includes Non-Franchised Sourcing (Buyouts) and Inbound and Outbound Extended Range Sourcing. The Lifecycle Planner role focuses on managing product obsolescence and excess inventories. This role engages with its supply chain counterparts, product management, and suppliers, to minimize excess inventories and discontinued products via stock rotations and scrapping activities.