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Create a custom solution for your enclosure with Bud’s five-day modification plan with expedited turnaround. It’s up to three times faster than some suppliers, at no extra cost. Whether your enclosure requires cutouts for cables, keypads, or switches, get exactly what you need in five simple steps. Use the guide below, then contact your Allied Sales Representative to begin creating your customized enclosure.
Measure Your Enclosure

For standard enclosure sizes, see more >>

Customize Your Cutouts

Measure the cutout dimensions required, the number of each, and the number of box faces affected. Consider the following:

  • Power Cable
    Drill round-hole diameter
  • Signal I/O
    Drill round-hole diameter, square-cut dimensions
  • Indication
    Drill round-hole diameter, square-cut dimensions
  • Pushbuttons/Toggle Switches
    Drill round-hole diameter, square-cut dimensions
  • Display/Keypad
    Square-cut dimensions, radius corners
  • Other Cutouts
Prepare Specifications Needed

Create a simple sketch or CAD drawing of cutout locations and specifications.

TIP: Note any dimension with critical tolerance. Subsequent cutouts will be measured from the critical dimension.

Customize Your Enclosure Further

Consider additional customizations available:

  • Powder Coat
    (6 Standard Colors, Additional Colors Upon Request)
  • Special Masking
  • Apply Decals or Silk Screening
  • Chemical Conversion
  • Basic Accessory Installation
  • Install PEM® Nuts, Standoffs, and Hardware Additions
  • Dimensional Changes of Boxes
Contact Your Allied Sales Representative

Provide your modification specifications so that we can start customizing your enclosure

Find Your Sales Representative >>

Or call 1.800.433.5700
±  5-day program applies to standard sizes only. See standard sizes >>

±  Additional customizations are not part of the 5-day program. Your Allied Sales Representative will quote the lead time.

±  This will be reviewed by Allied and Bud Industries to verify locations, draft angles, and other considerations that may affect cutout placements. If there are any questions, they will send a drawing for your approval prior to starting the modification.)