Critical industrial networking applications can't afford data transmission errors that cause downtime or safety concerns. While base technology for industrial and enterprise-grade Ethernet solutions is the same, their ability to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial applications is not. From DataTuff™ cables to SPIDER Ethernet switches, Belden industrial Ethernet solutions guarantee maximum uptime, premium performance, and superior durability.

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  Bonded Pair vs. Non-Bonded >>

Cat6 Industrial Ethernet Cable >>
  • Bonded-Pair Technology or Consistently Uniform Centricity
  • Highly Customizable for Easy Configuration
  • Advanced Shielding Technology for Superior Protection
Cat5e Industrial Ethernet Cable >>
  • Bonded-Pair Technology Designed for Signal Integrity and Long Cable Life
  • Broad Cable Portfolio for the Exact Cable You Need
  • Advanced Shielding Technology Made for Harsh Environments
Cat5e PROFINET Cable >>
  • Quad Design
  • UL-PLTC Rating
  • CMX Outdoor Rating
Industrial Connectivity Solutions >>
  • Pre-Terminated Solutions for Faster, Easier Maintenance
  • Broad, Deep Portfolio for System Flexibility
  • Ruggedized Designs Operate Reliably in Harsh Settings
Industrial Ethernet Patch Panel >>
  • Modular Design for Combining Copper and Fiber in Flexible Configurations
  • High Port Density for Flexible, Future-Proof Expansion
  • Lightweight, High-Strength Aluminum Construction for Harsh Industrial Conditions
Unmanaged Hirschmann SPIDER Industrial Ethernet Switches >>
  • 4, 5, and 8-Port Options
  • Safety for Industrial Control Equipment
  • 8-Pin R45 Sockets Allow up to 8 Independent Network Segments