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Balluff from Allied Electronics

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Sensors, machine vision, industrial RFID, and distributed I/O. Balluff knows industrial automation.

With over 50 years of sensor experience, Balluff is a world leader and one of the most efficient manufacturers of sensor technology with the North American headquarters located in Florence, KY. We provide the integration services, application support, and training you need around the world to ensure your success.

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Balluff Featured Product Categories

Inductive Proximity Sensors


Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors


Capacitive Proximity Sensors

  • Ignores water, oil, dirt, and non-metallic particles
  • Insensitive to target color or target surface finish
  • Short-circuit resistant
  • Hysteresis and window function
  • Synchronization function.
  • Variable slope
  • Remote teach-in
  • Non-contact, wear free, bounce-free output signal
  • Detects objects regardless of material, color, or texture and hidden or inaccessible
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Photoelectric Sensors


Magnetic Field Sensors


Pressure Sensors & Transmitters

  • Provide non-contact accurate detection of targets
  • Check for presence, color, distance, size, shape, and many more targets attributes
  • Work with magnetic strengths as low as 15 Gauss
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Measures pressure reliably
  • Large, brightly illuminated LED desplay.
  • East to install
  • Intuitive configuration
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Linear Position Transducers


Sensor Mounting Accessories


Cables, Cordsets, & Connectors

  • High resolution, repeatability, and linearity
  • Resistant to shock, vibration, and electrical interference
  • Wide variety of housting styles and electrical interfaces
  • Optimum equipment
  • Easy handling
  • Exact positioning of sensors
  • High machine availability
  • Wide product range for practically all applications
  • High level of reliability and confidence
  • Accurate and repeatable connection IP ratings during maintenance
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